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Do You Want to be Whole or Do You Want to be ‘Perfect’

How can you possibly be “good” in a world that is big, bad and scary?
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Why Paris and Milan Fail as Fashion Capitals

An ever-present stifling odour of smarmy flattering is hovering all over the French blogosphere and beyond. So far, the only relief from this treacle would be hard-hit criticism.
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The Importance of Male Makeover

One cannot underestimate the power of a makeover and the cathartic renewal it is likely to bring, commonly rewarded with extraordinary success and fulfillment in nearly all aspects of our everyday life. A Male makeover has more to do with strong aptitudes and building the courage to make monolithic changes (whether it is a career move, vision correction or a novel haircut), and less to do with clichéd-idea beauty video tutorials and overhyped runway trends.
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Sometimes the best way to properly define “taste” is to think of your own usage. Ultimately, bad taste is by no means determinable; in many aspects, it’s just a different kind of taste. Good taste is, similarly, a subjective attribute, as opposed to DNA or genetic inheritance. Although taste in fashion can be neither proved nor disproved through ethics, let alone genetics, leveraging a combination of applied knowledge and expertise may well create a robust approach toward better fashion sense or, perhaps, feeling slightly better about it.
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The Rise of Logomania

Is it possible to set the boundaries of an imminent logomania without pushing them even further? Will it unintentionally push consumers away too?
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Will The Fashion Landscape Drastically Change In 2016?

As we enter 2016, we reflect on the year gone by fashionably grey. Will 2016 be any different for fashion?
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Tucking In Your Shirt: How To Do It

Is your shirt bunching up around your sides? Master the art of tucking in your favourite shirt within minutes with our handy guide. Whilst the basic rules of fitting are essential, the rules of tucking remain essentially ignored. It’s mainly because we know way too much about collar type variations and so very little about proper tucking.
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Chanel FW15

In climb toward the big time, “Kaiser” continued to forge mind-blowing ideas and rediscovering the wonders of bouclé sheath and beaded embroidery, bulking up the silhouette with origami-quilting, blanket checks, along with bubble wrappings and contrasting panelling, not to mention crafting the plentiful selection of effortlessly flattering maxi skirts.
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Hermès FW15

Clearly, Nadège reinforces the rules of deconstructed feminine silhouette, starting off by ditching mismatching textures and relinquishing disproportions. However, the idea of a truly bold statement is inherently rejected, thus “comfortable-chic” is embraced instead.
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High-End Lingerie from Latvia

"Jeweler" reconfirms the irresistible attraction the majority of women feel equally for their diamonds and lingerie -- caramel shade Amoralle nightgown with smoky blue panelling at the hem can be that precious!
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Global Designer Spotlight: Recycle Runway from New Mexico

Sometimes, even garbage turns gorgeous! The purpose of the Recycle Runway garments is to inspire people to consider the environment in their daily choices at workplace, home, school, university, and in all their community activities and to look differently at waste. Link to Story

10 Reasons to Choose Online Casino Over Brick and Mortar Casino

Choosing between “online casino” and “brick & mortar casino” is like choosing between TV and cinema, – despite apparent distinctions, both mediums are highly compatible and mutually complementary. Owing to its ever-growing popularity, online casinos may well be ahead in the long run, as for the land based operators, no one can be sure, since offline-to-online transition is inducing rapid and profound changes that will likely shape the future of gambling business.
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